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One of the “25 most irresistible Hollywood novels.”

  • Entertainment Weekly


Complex, inventive, and a genuine shocker, this is the very opposite of a ‘comfort’ read.

  • The Guardian


Grothaus’s extraordinary debut begins with a man on the run after being accused of stealing a Van Gogh and opens out into an exposé of sex trafficking in Hollywood. Gloriously funny but dark as hell, you will laugh and recoil in equal measure.A “Best Reads for Summer” pick.

  • The Sunday Express


Michael Grothaus’ “Epiphany Jones” is an engrossing thriller and a dark comedy…Grothaus’ novel is a captivating story that manages to be funny, sinister and surprising.

  • The New York Daily News


A LoveReading Book of the Month: A truly impressive debut ... a twisting tale at the same time realistically gripping and sardonic...Grothaus writes with a delicate fluency which contrasts with the depravity of his subject matter. Humour and emotions: what more could you ask for in a thriller?

  • Maxim Jakubowski


The most incredible debut novel of 2016.

  • Mumbling About Music & Books


Powerful, emotive, chilling…utterly compulsive reading…phenomenal. This is a book that needs to be read…EPIPHANY JONES is the perfect blend of thrills, comedy and darkness. It is going to take something special to top it this year, but I know already that this is going to be a book that I will recommend for many years to come. A 5/5 review score for EPIPHANY JONES – but only because I cannot score it more than 5. It blew me away.

  • Grab This Book


Echoes of the twisted Tarantino movies are intermingled with underworld Hollywood dealings in this truly unique, cleverly written novel.

  • Bibliophile Book Club


The emotional range of Epiphany Jones is astounding. Grothaus is an exceptional talent.


  • J.M Hewitt, author of Exclusion Zone


The book stands out like a skyscraper in a landscape of terraced houses.

  • Marina Sofia


By turns comic and shocking, an extraordinary debut from a striking new voice.

  • Michael Marshall Smith, author of Only Forward and The Intruders


Startling, inventive, funny and disturbing, compelling and oddly beautiful - Epiphany Jones is a novel that marks the arrival of a truly talented writer.


  • Kevin Wignall, author of For the Dogs 


A thrilling and highly original debut that cuts to the dark heart of celebrity and pornography. Michael Grothaus is one to watch.

  • Eva Dolan, author of After You Die


A scabrously funny and thrillingly original book about atoning for past sins and indiscretions...

  • David F. Ross, author of Rise & Fall of the Miraculous Vespas


EPIPHANY JONES takes us to perhaps the darkest places of them all and it is a great testimony to both the skill and the emotional intelligence of Michael Grothaus that he is able to do this in a way that honours the victims and educates the reader whilst delivering a great story.

  • Steve Wright, Live Many Lives


You should be warned that Michael Grothaus threw all the rules out of the window when writing this novel. I do like a rebel, someone who is not afraid to push boundaries and just tells a story. A dark yet often laugh out loud humerous story.  It is vivid, irrational, punchy, intense and gut wrenching. And beautiful, insane, creatively stunning and has a touch of mad good lunacy in its prose. In other words it is utterly brilliant.

  • LizLovesBooks review


Mind-blowing... doesn't hold any punches.


  • By The Letter Book Reviews


I have never read a book quite like EPIPHANY JONES before…[it’s] a brand new reading experience…Epiphany is an amazing character, quite possibly my favourite fictional character…ever! 

  • DampPebbles book review


EPIPHANY JONES grabs itself and the reader by the balls and won't let go – stunning.

  • Paul Hardisty, author of The Evolution of Fear


A genre-bending book.... quirky, graphic, funny and moving...I cannot praise this book or Grothaus enough.

  • Kate Moloney, Bibliophile Book Club


[EPIPHANY JONES] is powerful, chilling and incredibly moving…It takes you on the most amazing emotional journey…This is a must read for any fans of dark comedy. I will not stop recommending this book.

  • Northern Crime Review


A strong and at times shocking read.

  • Trip Fiction


The work is littered with sharp observations about our endless appetite for celebrity culture and the monsters it creates. Grothaus is not only the master of witty asides but also makes poignant observations about today’s online culture, how it connects and alienates people at the same time. For those who admired Stieg Larsson’s famous feminine creation Lisbeth Salander, Epiphany Jones will feel like the logical next step: the woman who refuses to become a victim.

  • Crime Lover Fiction


From start to finish, EPIPHANY JONES is a moving, gripping, fast paced novel...It is also a thoroughly enjoyable read, with a good balance of humour, suspense and poignancy...this has been a reading experience that you will never forget, and that this book will remain with the reader as one to talk about for years to come.

  • Segnalibro Blog


A brilliant depiction of a skewed world where style matters more than substance and people are reduced to product. The writing is raw and unflinching, the story deftly put together with a depth that offers much for the reader to ponder. It has been said that good fiction’s job is to disturb the comfortable – this book is an extraordinary read that unstintingly succeeds.

  • Never Imitate Blog


 [EPIPHANY JONES] is one of the most incredible books I have read…without doubt a blockbuster of a novel…It may leave you reeling like it did with me but you will have just read one of the most extraordinary works of fiction you will have ever read.

  • The Last Word


One of the most impressive and original books I’ve read to date. Michael Grothaus’ Epiphany Jones is a blisteringly sharp and biting novel that will drop jaws with every revelation...It takes a very brave writer to take his audience down those [dark] roads and a very gifted one to do so in such a way as to keep them with him. From the opening chapter it’s clear that Grothaus is just such a writer.

Just as Papa mixes his comedy with vulgarity or Steinbeck peppers his dialogue with left hands covered with Vaseline, in EPIPHANY JONES, too, the humour is key – from the dry observations to the occasional slapstick, it’s how Grothaus manages to pull you through and keep you with him…Don’t be fooled; when the jokes stop Grothaus can hit you with an emotional and dramatic punch like the best of them.

  • Mumbling About Music & Books


It is a testament to the bravery and cleverness of Grothaus’ writing that every preconception you initially hold will be fundamentally challenged as the story progresses…along the way you will also encounter God, cybersex, the overblown world of celebrity, social alienation, and psychotic disturbance, in a sharp, acerbic style and at times underscored with a humour of the blackest black, and top notch satirical observation…

  • Raven Crime Reads


I’ve read a lot of thrillers over the years, but never one quite like EPIPHANY JONES. It’s unusual, quirky, dark, graphic and unsettling in equal measures. Michael Grothaus is a seriously talented guy and one to watch very, very closely.

  • Espresso Coco book review

Michael Grothaus's talent is creating a world populated by initially unlikable characters that end up being completely readable. At times I thought of Douglas Coupland in books like Worst. Person. Ever. Likewise the backdrop to the story which exposes the dark underbelly of Hollywood is reminiscent of Bret Easton Ellis's work in Glamorama and Imperial Bedrooms; explicit, raw and unnerving.

  • The Word's Shortlist review


It’s rare that I call a book extraordinary. It’s rare that I’m so flummoxed by a novel that I almost don’t know how to explain it…All I know is that I was crying by the end of it. We may be only halfway through 2016 but I’m going to stick my neck out and say that EPIPHANY JONES is my book of the year. It’s going to take a hell of a lot to surpass it. Extraordinary.

  • Joykluver review